4 Reasons Why Men Need to Join Book Clubs

Book clubs are predominantly populated by women, there’s no arguing that fact. Rarely are men found in a book club that isn’t in college, and created solely to help them improve their grades by reading course-related material. After that, even if men love reading, they hardly form clubs to discuss it. While plenty of people argue that men are just not as social about their reading habits as women are, there are a number of reasons why men should try to start or join book clubs.


If men joined book clubs that are mostly women, they’re going to increase the diversity within that group. The conversations will change, the book selections will change, and the women will learn from the men (and vice versa). The books will be a more well-rounded reflection of people, instead of just chick lit that makes everybody cry. Book clubs need diversity!


Social Interaction  

Men, despite all their efforts to declare otherwise, are social creatures too. If men started a book club for men, or joined a book club, their intentions to interact go through the roof. Men may find that they have more to say on a topic, and enjoy the process of discussion and sharing of intellectual (or fictional) ideas. Just because men are taught that they can’t talk much doesn’t mean that they should. They can help themselves share their opinions while also opening others up to the idea that both genders are equal.


If your book club reads fiction, poetry, non-fiction, horror, whatever – there is something to be learned from every book. Men are missing out on this, even if they read a ton on their own. They are not discussing the ideas, the patterns, the themes, the facts, etc. that they absorb from reading a book on their own, and may be missing out on a perspective they hadn’t considered. There’s so much to learn from your peers when you interact with them in a book club setting.



Why not start a couples book club? Depending on how open you are with your friends, make it a “dirty” book club, or a marriage self-help reading book club, or a humor book club. Whatever you want it to be, do it as a couple. Maybe you can find something that sparks romance between you and your partner, and brings you closer together because you’re sharing this. Plus you read great stuff, so it’s a win win!

Self Care  

Often, men don’t give themselves enough productive time to recharge their batteries. You know what I mean – plopping down in front of the couch with a beer after a really stressful day and still not feeling better. Why not start a book club (or join one) that helps you recharge your batteries on an intellectual and social level? You’ll be surprised at how energized you feel after great conversation and great reading. Give a try, you won’t be sorry!