6 Original Games to Play With Your Book Club

Are you bored by the traditional “sit and discuss” style of most book clubs? Is it hard to get the conversation flowing with new members who are shy? Why not break the ice with a few reading games? These games can also help you share more insight about what others took away from the books, and create an environment of playfulness that might be missing. After using these game tips, people will be tripping over themselves to sign up for your book club!

Word Association  

Take a chance to introduce yourselves, what you thought of the book, and then set a timer and try to have everyone in the group say one word that sums up the whole book. Make sure everyone has a different word, and that they don’t take more than their allotted time coming up with a word. Make it more difficult by having a list of banned words such as “happy,” “sad,” “romantic,” etc. You will laugh and learn new words!

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Assuming everyone read the book, playing a game of Charades will be a fun way to see everyone’s interpretation of different scenes. Pick a few scenes that a person has to act out, and have everyone guess which scene it is. This gets especially hilarious if the book was somewhat sexual or sad in nature. Let the good times roll!

Sketch Artists 

Was there an especially handsome hero in the book? Or a gruesome monster? Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil, and let them draw their interpretation of the descriptions. This is hilarious if no one is a trained artist, and can also show the many different mental interpretations we all have when reading a book. Prepare to laugh at everyone’s artistic abilities!

Story Creation 

Have everyone bring a copy of the book you read, and then randomly generate numbers (with an app or just using your good old fashioned brain). Start with one page, like Pg. 52. Have one person read the first word on that page. Then come up with a new page number, and have the next person read the next word. Sometimes this comes up gibberish, sometimes it creates a hilarious sentence. Either way, it’s fun.


Dramatic Reenactments  

Pick a scene, and have your book club members act it out. This is especially funny if it’s a romance scene or a sad death scene. If you want to get really intricate, provide a few props and a couple glasses of wine. Make sure you turn on your video camera!

Plot Guessing  

This is fun if you’re a new book club and have yet to pick a book. Get to know people’s reading preferences by asking them to give a short synopsis of their favorite book plot. Have people guess which book it is, and whoever guesses the most plots right gets to select the first book, or at least contribute the first idea. This is game is super fun!