Why Should You Join a Book Club?

Many people know that book clubs are popular, but so many people don’t engage with them. This could be simply because they don’t like reading, or it could be because they’re too busy, or it could be because they’re shy and don’t want to interact with new people. Whatever your reason for not participating in a book club, here are a few reasons why you should definitely join one now.

Amazing Books 

You think you have a lot of luck finding great books on your own, but odds are you stick to your favorite genre: mystery, romance, horror, young adult, whatever. In a book club, you may read a lot of the same types of books you love, but you’ll also branch out when people vote for different genres. Who knows? You may find a book that you love that you never would have picked up on your own.


Amazing People 

There’s something about joining a club that makes it easier for people to really get along. You already have one thing in common (a love of books), and you can interact with each other on that premise alone. The funny thing about clubs is that once you’ve got that one thing in common, you find other things in common, and you grow very attached to people. Another aspect of book clubs is that the people involved often come from all walks of life, races, sexes, and backgrounds. You’re going to be meeting people that are totally different from you, and yet you’ve got this common thread. They’ll bring their unique style into their reading choices, and you can learn and grow alongside them. The people you meet in a book club might just become lifelong friends.

Carving Out Time  

You’re probably thinking, “I love reading, but I just don’t have time!” That may be true, but just like anything that is worth while, you have to make time. Carve out two hours once a month for yourself and your book club. You can schedule that in, I don’t care who you are or how busy you are. Even with kids, maybe you can work something out with the club where you all bring your kids and let them play together while you discuss books, or you can all pitch on a baby sitter to play with them for 2 hours. Either way, there are workarounds. Stop making excuses, and start making your book club a priority.


Reading is Good for Your Health 

When you’re reading for a book club, you’re cutting out time for yourself on a daily or weekly basis to consume a new book. This act alone can improve happiness, actually help you manage your time (really), and can make you sleep better at night (unless you’re up all night reading). Studies show that people who read are less depressed, less prone to diseases like dementia and Alzheimers, and live much longer. So why risk it? Start reading!