My Story

Hello, readers. I’m Tania, I’m 27, and I’m from Toulouse, France. I moved the United States for college, and I’ve been here ever since. My passion for reading really took off once I started learning English, and realized that pretty much anything you read in another language is absolutely fascinating. The English language is very complex, so even children’s books appealed to me because of the use of words and different sentence structures.

After graduating from college with a degree in literature (yes, I know, my parents aren’t too happy with me), I knew I wanted to work with a publishing firm. A book publisher! Right up my alley! But sadly, nobody was hiring, and with a degree in literature under my belt I began working at the local coffee shop just to pay rent. It was a proud moment for me, let me tell you.

Two years of working at the coffee shop, and I was ready to try again. I had read everything I could about the publishing world, and knew that it was on the down-and-outs because of the economy and the new digital book world. So I decided to try my hand at digital e-book publishing, and landed a job with one of the biggest e-book publishers in the world, all while working from home. Yay me!



I’ve been working for that company for almost 6 years now, and business is booming. I get to edit and format books for e-book publication, and I get to read manuscripts from some of my favorite authors before anyone ever knows it is going to be released. It’s pretty good being me. I love what I do, but still, something was missing.

I consumed so much reading material in a week, and I was beginning to really tick off my friends and coworkers who apparently didn’t want a rundown of my daily reading content. I was frustrated because I had no one to share these amazing findings with. I was walking by my public library one day when I saw a bunch of women exiting the library with the same book in their hands. They were all talking about seeing each other at the “next book club meeting.” I stopped in my tracks. I had read the book they had in their hands, and immediately wanted to discuss it with them.

I asked one lady when the next session would be, and she told me. I waited for a whole month, and then showed up the night of the book club to discuss the book. They were all just as animated as I was about the book, and I immediately made fast friends. Since then, I’ve taken over the book club, and volunteer at the library to create new book clubs for teens, men, and couples. I started this website as a way to help people connect to book clubs in their area, and find resources to help them run book clubs smoothly. I’ve found my passion!