Putting a Book Club Together

Once you have decided to put a book club together, it becomes crucial to know what steps should be followed to ensure that the book club turns out to be a success. What is important is to know when, what, where, why and who would be a part of the activities of your book club. You need to decide how often the members of the book club would meet. Generally, the members meet once a month. This offers them the time required to read a book and offer a fresh insight into their readings during the next meeting.

Kind of book club activities

You need to decide what kind of activities would be a part of your book club. Do you wish to have an informal meeting where you get to catch up with your friends, have a glass of wine and generally discuss about the kind of books that you read? Do you want the activities to be serious and wish to involve literary groups where analysis of plots, characters, motivations, symbolism, prose and theme is carried out? Do you wish to have something in between?

Who would be a part of your book club?

The people who would be invited to be a part of the group would be based on the kind of the book club that you intend to set up. Do you wish to have a reunion with students with a literature background or do you want it to be a meeting of mothers? You will have to look for individuals who are willing to make a commitment and take up turns when it comes to hosting.

Venue of meetings

You need to decide where the members of the book club would meet. You can set up a schedule and share it with the members so that they actively take up turns in hosting the meeting at their home. You can even consider meeting them over a meal for discussions. Having a discussion in a restaurant would become difficult if there are more than six members in your club. The only advantage of meeting at a restaurant is that you would not have to clean up or cook. However, having a meeting at home would ensure that people would be more relaxed during the meetings.

Figure out why you wish to run a book club

It is enjoyable to hang out with people who are like minded if you love to read. Is this the reason why you wish to come up with a book club? You get to expand your reach by reading a book and interacting with people who have read the same book. You get a fresh perspective of how people perceive something. This can help you be aware of things you may have overlooked. You get familiar with authors you never knew existed. You get to explore new genres which never made it into your shopping cart. You derive more from discussing books and authors when you are in a group. Time that is spent reading always offers you something. However, bringing in the element of social interaction stimulates you in some manner and keeps your mind sharp.