The Rise of Online Book Clubs

Online book clubs are steadily becoming a major trend in some parts of the world. Because of the technological advancements and the information revolution of the current era, the way book-lovers gather to appreciate and enjoy the titles and reading materials that they love is also influenced.

Instead of the traditional meetings in person with fellow book club members, people are now enjoying and discussing different ideas and concepts they have extracted from books with others on platforms that make use of the internet. Among these are video conferences, chat rooms and blogging. The question arises: which is better, a traditional or an online book club?

Traditional Vs Online

There are definitely benefits unique to each of these book clubs. To help us in getting a clearer view in this topic, let us analyze each using basic criteria.

Book Community

In traditional book clubs, members are highly limited to those who are near the so called headquarters. These are places where the members set meetings for their sessions. This limits the variety of personalities who can be a part of the discussions. Those who live or work far away have fewer options to mingle with other book-lovers.

In online book clubs, people from all over the world can gather in virtual chat rooms to participate. As long as the members are devoted to the appreciation and love of books, this makes the online book club a worthwhile endeavor.


In traditional book clubs, members meet personally with the group. Discussions are made face-to-face, ideas as well as emotions are shared with one another, and members can develop a sense of camaraderie that is visible. Unlike in online clubs, members only share their insights through a string of letters and sentences that may seem cold to the members. Although video conferences may make it seem that members are actually talking with another, there is still a sentimental factor which makes personal meetings more genuine.

Exchange of Ideas

There is also a certain barrier that keeps online members apart during discussions. The message is not received wholly by the other members. Unlike in traditional clubs, discussions are done face-to-face. The whole thought is delivered along with the emphasis of emotion. An emotional activity like the appreciation of a book is largely influenced by how feelings are delivered and received by the members.

Keeping Regular Sessions

Scheduling a book club session in the traditional way involves more effort from the organizer and the members. Aside from setting aside a particular time wherein all the members are free, they must also be physically present for them to participate. On the other hand, in online clubs, they schedule their session periods and they make sure of access to a stable internet connection and they can start their discussions immediately.

Each kind of book club has its own unique benefits. If you would like to a more intimate and personal book club experience, you can look for a traditional club within the vicinity of your home or work and join. If you would like convenience in the book discussions you would like to have, going online is a good way to go.